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Yaunte Dvine

Web; Photo; Video




Atlanta, Ga.


Simply put, entrepreneurship is the path to success. In today's market, you must be visible in the digital arena to build your brand and make your name known in the entrepreneur space. Websites, photos and videos are the primary digital marketing tools used to establish brand recognition and boost product and service sales. Most entrepreneurs spend countless hours learning and perfecting the systems required to not only run a business but to also create a professional product or service and don't have time to acquire the creative skills needed to produce quality professional content for their digital outlets. As your digital content creator my mission is to deliver quality content to help brand your company, your products and services in turn expanding your market and ideal client base.


Web Design



Web Design offers two packages: The Basic Design which includes one four section site or the Branding Bundle which includes Pro Photo Sessions; SEO; Google and Yelp Pages and a Digital Business Card

Pro Headshots for websites and Social Media Posts

Promo Package includes Pro Photo Sessions; Video Ads; One Page Website for event or service; One Event Video Session. Per event video rates also available.

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